Allparts Automotive increases WAN bandwidth by 4x

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Allparts Automotive increases WAN bandwidth by 4x and reduces network spend by 32%

Agenda IT worked in partnership with their supplier Talari Networks, Inc. on a project with client Allparts Automotive. 


Allparts Automotive was established in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, in 1974. They distribute auto parts to more than 3,000 auto repair firms across the north and west Home Counties and London. They stock more than £10million of auto parts for all makes of European and Japanese vehicles in over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space. Over 100 delivery vehicles provide ‘delivery on demand’ in one hour or less to trade customers. 

The problem: 

They rely solely on their systems to be able to achieve their ‘one hour or less’ service promise. When they started experiencing continued issues of increased downtime and delayed orders they needed it rectifying as quickly as possible to protect their service levels.

Branches were without network access for up to five minutes before a backup circuit was activated. Their ADSL links provided inadequate bandwidth as well, creating network bottlenecks between their branches and the head office.

“Our customers expect deliveries within the hour of a phone call,” says Nick Fulford, IT manager at Allparts. “Five minutes of network downtime was a real problem, so we worked with solution provider Agenda IT to design a WAN that beefed up bandwidth without adding cost.”

The solution: 

A Talari solution was chosen because they are a leading innovator in WAN reliability and performance quality network appliances.

“Talari was the only solution that resolved all the issues that Allparts had: need to reduce costs, increase bandwidth, increase network resilience, better QoS and ease of management,” explains Mike Adams, Agenda IT Director.

Mike added that “Talari allows Allparts to be carrier-independent, thereby giving them the flexibility to change carriers as the market develops. Allparts now owns the intelligence within their network, which means they can control and alter the network as their business develops. This also means the network will be as good for their business in five years as it is today, no matter how their business develops.”

As a result of installing Talari appliances at the Allparts head office and one at another office, and a smaller solution at each of the branches. Allparts replaced the unreliable MPLS network and low-bandwidth ADSL tail circuits with higher-speed DSL lines – two at smaller sites and three at larger locations.

The result:

“We’ve got about four times the bandwidth with this solution,” says Fulford. “After we began using the Talari appliances, our £50,000 annual network costs dropped immediately to £40,000. And over five years, we calculate a savings of £80,000 with Talari afrom Agenda IT.”

“This was a fantastic result. We were really pleased with the outcome for Allparts.” Mike Adams, Agenda IT.

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