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Corby Climbing Centre

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In 2015, Susanne had a vision of creating a climbing centre that could be accessible for all, regardless of disability, socio-economic status, or mental health issues. A facility that would support the local community in Corby. In 2018, she was in a position to make the dream a reality.

After finding premises, drawing out what she had in mind, working with architects and planners, obtaining funding as well as a grant from the Horner Foundation and the European Regional Development Fund, she was ready to start putting everything into place.

At the very end of July 2018, they opened their doors and Corby Climbing Centre was born. Located on an industrial park just a stone’s throw from Corby town centre, their facility is home to over 400m2 of bouldering walls (climbing walls to the uninitiated), a coffee shop and a yoga and wellness studio.

The Problem:

From an IT and telephony point of view, Corby Climbing Centre needed everything setting up from scratch. This was a great opportunity for them to get everything right from the outset and not have to retrospectively fix existing issues or grapple with an old set up.

Susanne was adamant that she wanted to work with a local IT and telephony provider for the installation and on-going support, and this is how she found us at Agenda IT.

We were then involved from the very beginning of the development. We carried out a full site assessment when Susanne first took on the new premises. And we talked through the vision and what she wanted to achieve at the centre.

From doing this we were able to put together a proposal of all the elements they needed as well as an action plan of things that needed to be rectified prior to us starting to work.

The climbing centre needed a way for the public to contact them (phone and web), for the centre to keep people safe via multiple CCTV cameras, new hardware (phones and PCs etc), an internet solution that would provide the centre and visitors with a good WiFi service, computer set up to enable the centre to manage their documents and emails, and finally, a contact for the booking and waiver system third party supplier, to work with to get the systems set up and working.

The Solution:

In our proposal to Corby Climbing Centre there were some basics that needed to be sorted out before we could start work. During our site assessment we had noticed that the BT lines to the building had been cut, so BT would need to be booked in to reinstate those.

Next, we worked with the interior and exterior plans to create a cabling plan that would allow us to deliver all the required elements for the centre.

CCTV was a hugely important element to get right. Not only did they need exterior cameras from a security point of view, they also needed a lot of internal cameras monitoring the safety of climbers on all the walls. The system had two uses and the set up needed to reflect this.

The centre needed robust internet and WiFi access for their own use as well as providing a guest WiFi service. They also needed phones and a call management system, and PC’s with Microsoft 365 installed and running.

The Result:

This was a great project to be involved with, being able to work with a blank canvas and to help get their facility up and running was very rewarding for all of us.

Susanne commented that, “We have been very impressed with the work and support from Agenda IT. Nothing has been too much trouble. We received help with planning and organising what we needed and when things needed to happen. The whole team is very friendly and helpful and were always on hand when we needed to ask anything.”

We have installed everything the centre needed, and it all went without any major hitches along the way. We were slowed down initially waiting for BT to reinstate the centre’s phone lines, but we were able to catch up quickly and get back on track to hit the centre’s schedule.

The team at the climbing centre have all needed training on the CCTV system, as well as the phone management software and for using the new PC’s and Microsoft 365. This was all rolled out and Susanne was very happy with the results saying, “The team at Agenda IT are so passionate about what they do, it really makes a difference to the service they provide.”

Since Corby Climbing Centre opened, they have had very few teething issues. Susanne said that “Any small issues we have experienced have been very quickly dealt with by the team at Agenda. It really helps that they are not the usual stereotype of ‘techy people’. They explain things so we easily understand, and they are very approachable”.

The centre is still expanding and adding extra facilities, things like a bookable conference and meeting room. Susanne said “we would recommend Agenda IT to anyone looking for IT and telephony support. When we expand our facilities here, we will be using them again to help us without question.”

Agenda’s comments:

The team at Corby Climbing Centre have been great to work with and we have really enjoyed helping them get their facility off the ground. We look forward to assisting them with any expansion plans.

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