Cloud Computing

Share and store your data using Cloud Computing via the internet, rather than connecting to a physical server.

Cloud Computing is basically a way of sharing data using the internet rather than a physical server in your office.

Your data is still sorted on servers but remotely in large data centres.

Rather than connecting to them using cables, you are connecting using the internet; often wirelessly.

Using this way of storing and sharing data can help you avoid network infrastructure costs and can be great for a field based business.

Also, if you are a fast growing business or generate a lot of data to be stored, this method of working can help you enormously because you won’t have physical server size restrictions.

You will be able to buy more storage space as and when you need it.

We work with a ‘pay as you go’ style package for cloud computing. This helps you to avoid the up front costs of purchasing and installing a physical server.

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