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Since 2010, we have built up specific areas of expertise where we have been lucky enough to work on some great projects.

We have been heavily involved in IT and telephony projects across all types and sizes of call centres. We have helped them to become more efficient with their call reporting and call handling. Allowing them to improve their processes and provide better customer service.

We have helped lots of care homes link their technology together. This has enabled them to improve their patient care and incident response times. This makes their business and their home a better proposition for new residents.

We have worked with architects, builders and construction companies to plan and cable new offices built from the ground up. Having one point of contact for the IT and telephony side of a project, makes it easier for the project managers and site management teams.

We’ve also set up IT and telephony for businesses moving to new premises or bigger offices. We can be the single point of contact to ensure a seamless moving experience and no loss of service. Just because you are moving doesn’t mean your customers need to be impacted.

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