PSTN-ADSL-ISDN Lines Will Be Shut Down, But You Have No Need To Panic

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We have been closely following the announcement from BT Openreach about the phasing out of the traditional copper wire telephone network across the UK for homes and businesses.

Already, as fallout from this announcement, we have started to see a lot of telecoms companies trying to cash in.

Small businesses are being scare mongered into signing up for expensive VoIP telephone systems on long contracts with the promise of being bought out of their current telephony contracts.

We’ve been shocked at the level of fear these companies are instilling and the total costs they are charging over the full term of the seven-year contracts.

Our message to businesses is not to panic.

BT Openreach will be shutting down the existing copper wire PSTN/ADSL/ISDN lines, but it will be a phased approach from the end of 2025. Plus, there will be an interim solution being rolled out to ensure no businesses are left unable to work.

The UK’s fibre optic installation has been a massive undertaking and BT Openreach have made the announcement about the changes to allow businesses time to work out what they want to do.

There is no rush to get moved to a new system.

As a business not currently using a fibre connection, you have two main options to consider in the run-up to 2026:

  1. Move to a VoIP telephone system
  2. Use SIP Trunking to allow you to continue to use your existing phone system

Our recommendations

If you have a fairly new telephone system that you are happy with, you will be able to keep it with the addition of SIP Trunking. You don’t need to do this now, but you do need to have it on your radar ahead of the end of 2025.

Or, if your current phone system already needs upgrading or is going to reach the end of its life before 2026, have a look into VoIP phone system options.

Next steps

We can help you with your decision. We’ll also be very happy to look over any quotes you have already received for a new system. Please don’t sign up to anything without reading through the fine print.

We have recently worked with a company who had signed up for new VoIP software and hardware with a seven-year contract, that was going to cost them over £40k. They were able to cancel the contract in their cooling-off period and have now got a new solution from us, that better fits their needs, and for a fraction of the price.

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