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10 reasons to move your business to the cloud

  1. Reduced business costs
    Using the cloud means you save on having to buy and maintain a physical server and associated infrastructure (cabling)
  2. Data access 24/7
    Cloud servers and providers are 99.9% reliable, meaning you can access your data, systems, applications and documents at any time
  3. Data access from anywhere
    As long as you have permission and an internet connection, you can access your cloud server from anywhere. Making your business flexible and efficient
  4. Server space flexibility
    With the cloud ‘pay as you go’ server space options, you have instant control over how much server space you need at any given time. This allows you to grow your space as you need it without paying for space you are not using
  5. Business time savings
    System updates, security updates and back-ups are all managed automatically without you needing to do anything to instigate them, saving your business time
  6. Improved security and safety
    If anything were to happen to any of your hardware, your data and documents are still available on the cloud. You can also remotely wipe data from specific hardware should you need to
  7. Easy collaborative working
    Applications on the cloud like Office 365 make it easy to work on documents with co-workers at the same time without the need for emailing and version control. Plus, you have a robust and easy to access central storage for all your business documents
  8. Keep up to date
    With the range of online applications you can easily use via your cloud set up, your business will always be up to date with the latest versions of your software without the need for intervention from you
  9. Peace of mind
    Having a set up that you don’t need to back up, maintain, look after yourself, or worry about, takes the pressure off. Knowing you can access your business data from anywhere, at any time, keeps your business agile
  10. A simple IT solution
    Using the cloud gives your business a simplified and enhanced IT set up; reduced maintenance, reduced management time and costs, together with improved security, flexibility access and speed

Hosting your business in the cloud can be hugely beneficial, although it isn’t the right solution for all businesses – find out more about what the cloud is and how it could work for your business here

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