Connectivity is all about connecting your business to the outside world.

This is a critical part of running your business and it falls into two main areas:

1. your type of telephone/data lines

2. your network

These are explored in more detail below…


Depending on the type of business you have and how you store and share your data, you will need a specific type of telephone/data lines.

These are all different depending on the type and size of data you need to transfer at any time.

We can work with you to see what is right for your business.

Some of the main choices are:

  • ADSL
  • SDSL
  • EFM
  • Wimax
  • Leased Line
  • MPLS

You don’t need to know your requirements up front, you don’t even need to know what you have currently; we can work all of that out for you.

If it’s a new set up you need, we can do that too. If you’re moving offices or have a new build project, we can cable it all for you. Have a look at our projects to find out more.


Your telephone/data lines are coming into your business but to enable them to talk to your server, your cloud set up, your phones, PC’s, laptops etc you need a network.

We can set up your network, whether it needs to be cabled or wireless.

We can make sure all your users and equipment are set up on the network so they can access and share data.

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We’ll connect your business and keep you connected

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