Video Conferencing

Save time, money and work more collaboratively with video conferencing

Depending on your business needs, video conferencing could mean something as simple and basic as a Skype set up. Or it could be a full package including cabling, multiple TV screens, audio control units and remote controls.

If you need a meeting room style set up to connect lots of different sites or users, you will need something more than Skype to facilitate it.

We can set you up with top quality video conferencing with a central hub (or multiple hubs) and the ability for users to connect via laptops, mobiles and tablets.

You will be able to present data direct from your servers or your laptop. Switch between main speakers and work more collaboratively with people far and wide.

Some of the benefits of video conferencing are: 


  • Improved collaboration
  • Easy sharing of visual data¬†
  • Savings on travel expenses and down time
  • Reduction of business carbon footprint

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