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As we all look at ways to enable flexible home working and future proofing our businesses, we are delighted to launch a six-month free trial of our Wildix smart working solution.

How would your business change and benefit if you could seamlessly enable home working?

  • Smart working has been proven to increase employee productivity by 15 to 20%
  • 57% of employees who use smart working are more satisfied with their job than those who work only in the office
  • 78% of managers consider flexible working to be the most effective non-economic incentive to retain talent in their company
  • Mobile working is also the easiest way to balance family life and work
  • Allowing flexibility in your workplace can drastically reduce business downtime caused by illness, self-isolation or in case of parental leave

You can get all of these benefits and more with a system that lets your people work from home as if they were still in the office – while providing total security.

Our Wildix package lets you:

  • Make internal and external calls
  • Group chat
  • Video conference
  • Screen and file share for easy collaboration
  • See real-time presence monitoring for colleague’s active status
  • Set up unlimited user licences
  • Have 100% flexibility to add and remove users as needed
  • Even manage a call centre environment with remote workers

Why this is so good, especially at the moment, is because you can use our Wildix smart working solution without the need for any new hardware or software.

It also works on tablets and smart phones. All with 100% total security.

Now if the perfect time to mobilise your business with our cost free and easy to set up trial.

We can get you live remotely in no time at all using your own equipment. The free trial is for any number of users.

This really is a great offer to test if a flexible solution could work for your business, without any upfront costs. 

You only have until 31st March 2020 to sign up to the free trial

Get in touch now to get set up

01858 45 22 00

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